Own a brand new garage for the first time? Find answers to your questions here

Our professional experience has shown that people know very little about their overhead garage doors and have lots of questions regarding their components, use and maintenance. Here we have the answers to some of the main queries we receive. Make the most out of the provided information and advice.

Why does my garage door automatically reverse when I’m opening it?

There are safety features that will make your door automatically reverse. This means that there is something obstructing the path of the door and this is something you should pay close attention to, especially if you have small children.

How long will it take to have my garage door installed?

Our experienced service technicians install residential garage doors daily. It typically takes them four hours or less to install a brand new garage door, complete with features and remote controls.

What different materials are residential garage doors made of?

Garage doors mainly come in four choice materials; wood, steel, aluminum and fiberglass. The most popular choices for homeowners, however, are wood and steel garage doors. Wood mainly for its appearance and durability and steel because it is more secure and does not need very regular maintenance.

Is the battery backup a useful opener feature?

Without this backup, you will have to open and close and garage door manually when the power is out. This should not be physically challenging for healthy adults, in case of a standard two-car garage door. However, it will take you quite a lot of time. Besides, with the opener out of the picture, you will need to use a physical lock to keep your garage secure.

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